Automatic packaging line operating rules

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Automatic packaging line is a highly efficient and highly automated production m

Automatic packaging line is a highly efficient and highly automated production mode. In order to ensure the normal operation of this pipeline, it is necessary to formulate relevant operating procedures. This article will introduce fully automatic packaging line operation procedures in detail.

1. Preparation

1. On-site safety inspection: Before operating the fully automatic packaging line, a series of safety inspections should be carried out. The check contents include: whether the equipment is running normally, whether the tool is fixed firmly, whether the transmission parts are lubricated, whether the wire is exposed, and whether the pressure of the air supply pipeline is stable.

2. Provide each employee with appropriate personal protective equipment: ear muffs, safety shoes, glasses, etc. Personnel must wear these personal protective equipment when operating.

3. Check packaging materials and labels: Packaging materials and labels must meet quality standards and ensure adequate supply.

2. Operation process

1. Adjust the equipment: adjust the parameters of the automatic packaging line, including conveyor speed, cutting position, packaging quantity and so on. Ensure stable operation of equipment and make reasonable adjustment according to production requirements.

2. Start production: When the equipment is adjusted, start production. In each packaging cycle, a specified amount of raw material needs to be invested in the equipment. In order to ensure production efficiency, the operator needs to pay attention to the supply of materials at all times and make adjustments if necessary.

3. Check the packaging quality: In the production process, it is necessary to check the packaging quality at all times. If it is found that the packaging materials are damaged or the quality does not meet the requirements, the equipment needs to be stopped immediately and eliminated.

4. Maintenance equipment: During the production process, the equipment may fail. When a device fails, it needs to be shut down immediately and repaired. In order to avoid long downtime, the staff also need to carry out regular maintenance on the assembly line.

3. End your work

1. Clean up the site: After the end of production, clean up the site thoroughly. This includes clearing debris, sweeping the floor, and so on. Ensure that the site is clean, which helps the next round of production to proceed smoothly.

2. Maintenance spare parts: If the equipment is faulty, it needs to be repaired in time. If a spare part needs to be replaced during maintenance, keep the old part properly and make corresponding records.

3. Shut down the equipment: When all the work is successfully completed, it is necessary to close the automatic packaging line. Make sure every device is turned off and put the device in a safe state.

In short, the operation procedures of the automatic packaging line involve many operational details. Only by operating in strict accordance with the regulations can we ensure the efficient and stable operation of the automatic packaging line and improve production efficiency.

Author: Guangzhou Expresspacks Equipment Co., Ltd.
Automatic packaging line operating rules
Automatic packaging line is a highly efficient and highly automated production m
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