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(1) automatic depalletizer is designed for transfering empty bottle from pallet to filling line.
(2) automatic depalletizer can depalletizer pallet with layer board.
(3) automatic depalletizer is easy to handle and quick changeover.
(4) automatic depalletizer can handle pallet up to 2.3 meters.
(5) Expresspacks Equipment can provide accumulation buffer conveyor as optional iteam.

Introduction of Depalletizer

Expresspack Equipment automatic depalletizer is ideal machine for plastic bottle depalletizing. 

Depalletizer can works with palletized bottle in layer board. depending on line capacity,pallet/layer board automatic stacking and retracting can be optional function.  

Automatic depalletizer's maximum depalletizing speed is up to 9000BPH. 

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