• 1.1、What Machine Do You Mainly Produce?

    We mainly focus on blow molding industry and provide bottle bagging, palletizing & leak tester.

  • 2.2、How Many Years Have You Been Producing Machine?

    Expresspacks Equipment Co Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and installing machine and providing customize solutions for blow molding, ink/laser coding industries for over 15 years.

  • 3.3、How long will it take to produce this machine?

    Normally delivery time is 50 days for single machine. for turn-key solution, please discuss with E/P team.

  • 4.4、Which countries do you sell your machine to?

    Currently we have installed machine in Australia/New Zealand/Isreal/Dubai/United States/Malaysia.

  • 5.5、What exhibitions have you attended in China? Will you consider participating in foreign exhibitions?

    We mainly participates Chinaplas. Currently we are considering a proper foreign exhibition,most likely we may go to Arabplas in future.

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